Unsolicited feedback from former clients on Zillow

It was a wholehearted blessing for my husband and I to work with Dave this past year, truly above and beyond, along every step and dimension of the home search. I have gained incredible insight into the (previously) hidden details of properties, and was just more and more amazed at how knowledgeable, thorough, consistent, selfless and right-on his guidance was. He is unlike any "real-estate person" we've ever known.

He built his own highly "green" home from scratch and understands homes from the perspective of a contractor - he identified all kinds of problems and issues with various houses I'd *never* have spotted or even known to think about. He knows the area inside and out (to the point where he was even able to identify a specific home that I didn't have the address for just based on the description of the land around it!). He could easily be a successful psychologist or scholar and he brings tremendous compassion and personable-ness to the whole process, which makes everything so much smoother and more lovely. He spent ten years living in an ashram in India and holds himself to the highest ethical standards - he readily offered us advice that majorly countered his own interests. He is the real deal when it comes to integrity, on a level we hadn't imagined possible. I know several other families who've worked with him and they share these sentiments; we enjoy raving about him together. I am left not knowing how to thank him enough and this review is the result of that feeling!


I hadn't heard of real estate buyer agents before. I was skeptical at first, but soon found Dave Hopkins to be invaluable in helping me purchase my first home. There are so many questions and things to consider in the process. It gave me more confidence in both shopping for and buying a home to have someone knowledgable and straightforward on my side for everything. He is easily accessible and easy to talk to. When I needed local help (inspector, radon kits, contractor estimates and all the rest) Dave always had good people to connect me with. They are the people I've gone on to use and recommend to others for several years now. If you are looking to minimize hassles and maximize peace of mind, give him a try.


Dave came highly recommended to us from close friends. He exceeded all of our expectations. In addition to what others have written regarding his superlative knowledge about the process of buying a home and the home market in Western Massachusetts, Dave was able to help us listen to our own priorities, and envision how the different homes we were looking at might fit those priorities. He was patient with us as we learned about home shopping, and was willing and able to switch the pace when we started to feel cramped for time. When the deal almost fell through due to a miscommunication between the sellers and the sellers' agent, Dave was the one who found a path forward - not really the buyers' agent's job. Dave has great relationships with other wonderful professionals in the area - from plumbers and electricians to home inspectors and mortgage experts - everywhere we turned we were told "Oh, we love Dave! You're in good hands!" In addition to all of that, Dave was REALLY fun to hang out with.

Dave managed to guide us through the exhausting, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming process of buying our first home with expertise, grace, and good humor. One year has gone by, nearly every day I feel grateful for his help.


David is the most unusual realtor. He is honest, un-pushy, knowledgeable, and he puts your needs ahead of his desire to make a sale. He is the most trusted and respected buyers broker in the Valley. He understands every element of homes, the purchase process, he listens well, and he communicates it all honestly and directly. He doesn't represent sellers out of the desire to avoid the inherent conflict of interest. I've done two purchases with him, and about to do a third. There's nobody better in the country, much less the Valley. You'll be lucky if you can get him to work for you.

David Hopkins 2019